Founder of Yoga by Ohm
I was born in Norway, I have lived almost all my life in Sweden and now living in Mallorca since the beginning of 2107. It wasn’t until I was 35 years old that I found yoga and it was love at first sight! It has changed so many aspects of my life. I have now practiced yoga for 15 years and 3 years ago I became a teacher.
The yoga studio is a dream come true and I can now share my vision to give yoga to the people living in, and visiting, the beautiful town of Alcudia. I wish to stay as true as I can to the old yoga tradition and incorporate all aspects in my classes, postures, breathing, meditation and chanting.
”Yoga is for EVERYONE but not everyone wants to do yoga!"


Fundador de Yoga by Ohm. Nací en Noruega, he vivido casi toda mi vida en Suecia y ahora vivo en Mallorca desde principios de 2107. ¡No fue hasta los 35 años que encontré yoga y fue amor a primera vista! Ha cambiado muchos aspectos de mi vida. Hace 15 años que practico yoga y hace 3 años me convertí en maestra. El estudio de yoga es un sueño hecho realidad y ahora puedo compartir mi visión de brindar yoga a las personas que viven, y visitan, la hermosa ciudad de Alcudia. Deseo mantenerme lo más fiel posible a la antigua tradición del yoga e incorporar todos los aspectos en mis clases - posturas, respiración, meditación y canto. "¡El yoga es para TODOS, pero no todos quieren hacer yoga!”

















I was born in The Czech Republic and currently I live in Alcudia and I have lived here for one year.

I'm an interior designer and I love all activities where I can be creative. 

Also travelling, discovering new cultures, traditions and people are things I am excited about.

My yoga journey started few years ago on the mat. After several workshops I've realised that this lifestyle is really fulfilling me. 

That is why I have decided to learn more in the 200 YTT course of Vinyasa, Hatha and Yin. 

Body, mind & soul reconnection helped me to be more self-loving, energetic and kind person.

Through yoga and its paths I have learned how to spread positive vibes around, as well as joy and love and it became the passion of my life…


Nací en la República Checa y actualmente vivo en Alcudia y he vivido aquí durante un año.

Soy diseñador de interiores y me encantan todas las actividades en las que puedo ser creativo.

También viajar, descubrir nuevas culturas, tradiciones y personas son cosas que me entusiasman.

Mi viaje de yoga comenzó hace unos años en la colchoneta. Después de varios talleres me di cuenta de que este estilo de vida realmente me está satisfaciendo.

Es por eso que he decidido aprender más en el curso de 200 YTT de Vinyasa, Hatha y Yin.

La reconexión de cuerpo, mente y alma me ayudó a ser una persona más amorosa, enérgica y amable.

A través del yoga y sus caminos, he aprendido cómo difundir vibraciones positivas, así como la alegría y el amor, y se convirtió en la pasión de mi vida .....













Sylvia has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, completing the Sun Power Yoga Teacher Training in 2013,

Further Pregnancy Teacher Training in 2017 and 60+ Further Teacher Training in 2018.

Classes are both dynamic and deeply relaxing. Her teaching style combines a combination of Iyengar for alignment,

Ashtanga Vinyasa for strength and Sivinanda for breath work.

Understanding the relationship between body, breath and mind helps to overcome stress and anxiety and the strengthening of the body, which yoga practice inevitably gives enables one to be empowered, physically stronger and more flexible.

Sylvia has a background in education and teaching so will work to everyone’s individual needs to help them gain what they want from a yoga class. She has travelled extensively, researching and practicing yoga and Buddhist meditation in Korea, Japan, Sri Lanka and Nepal.





Sylvia ha estado practicando yoga durante más de 20 años, completando la capacitación de maestros de Sun Power Yoga en 2013, la capacitación de maestros de más embarazo en 2017 y más de 60 anos mas de capacitación de maestros en 2018.

Las clases son dinámicas y profundamente relajantes. Su estilo de enseñanza combina una combinación de Iyengar para la alineación, Ashtanga Vinyasa para la fuerza y Sivinanda para el trabajo de la respiración.

Comprender la relación entre el cuerpo, la respiración y la mente ayuda a superar el estrés y la ansiedad, y al fortalecimiento del cuerpo, que la práctica del yoga inevitablemente le permite a uno ser fortalecido, físicamente más fuerte y más flexible.

Sylvia tiene experiencia en educación y enseñanza, por lo que trabajará según las necesidades individuales de todos para ayudarlos a obtener lo que quieren de una clase de yoga. Ha viajado mucho, investigando y practicando yoga y

meditación budista en Corea, Japón, Sri Lanka y Nepal. 






















Alejandra teaches a classic style of Hatha Yoga called Sivananda.

In her classes she emphasizes breathing techniques and 12 basic Asanas / postures that will be learned progressively.

An ideal Yoga to recover energy and feel revitalized.


Alejandra Bech Sivananda yoga es un estilo Hatha clásico.

En sus clases pone énfasis en las técnicas de respiración y 12 Asanas/posturas básicas que se iran aprendiendo progresivamente.

Un Yoga ideal para recuperar energía y sentirse revitalizada.















Saskia Zwaan






I feel unspeakably lucky to be a practicioner of Chinese Medicine, which I studied in the Netherlands, and I really enjoy helping people with so many different conditions.

The primary difference with Chinese Medicine is that it focusses on the origen of the problem and therefore tends to be a more long-term solution. My treatments aren’t just a come and go.

We work on true health, both fysically and emotionally. I use Acupuncture, Moxa, Cupping and Eastern Herbal Medicines and I like working with the Five Elements, Meridian Therapy techniques and Hua Tuo Spinal Points.


I also advice on helpful lifestyle, exercise, and dietary recommendations in conjunction with each client’s unique presentation. I am a member of the Nederlande Vereniging voor Acupunctuur (NVA) which is the largest regulatory body for acupuncturist in the Netherlands and I’m a member of the APTN Cofenat (Association de Professionnels en Thérapies Naturelles), the largest association of professionals of this industry in Spain.


I hold a diploma in MBK (basic medical knowledge) and in Coaching With a Dutch insurence you are probably covered for part of the costs. Some private Spanish insurences also cover part of the costs.
















The complexity of the human body and its natural self-healing capabilities has always been fascinating to me.

In my holistic practice I draw upon a profound knowledge of human anatomy and physiology that that underpins my work. I started my journey as a massage therapist by developing a classic relaxation technique and this forms the basis of the various, more complex, massage treatments that I offer. 

In subsequent years, in addition to traditional relaxation massage I have developed skills using advanced remedial techniques including Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point. Following an in-depth assessment, these techniques enable me to address a broad spectrum of sporting, occupational and activity-related conditions caused by postural imbalance or muscle overuse. 

For relaxation, in addition to the familiar classical massage, I offer other traditional massage techniques including Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Thai Yoga massage and Hot Stone massage, which enables me further customise and broaden my treatment approaches according to your needs.   

Specialised and specific massage treatments for pregnant women, at any stage of pregnancy, and for people living with cancer are areas of increasing interest in my practice. 

The yoga studio is a dream come true and I can now share my vision to give yoga to the people living in, and visiting, the beautiful town of Alcudia.



Through yoga and its paths I have learned how to spread positive vibes around, as well as joy and love and it became the passion of my life…

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" The complexity of the human body and its natural self-healing capabilities has always been fascinating to me."



“Hatha Yoga teaches us to use the body as the bow, asana as the arrow, and the soul the target.




“You do not need to be flexible or able to practice yoga as yoga is an individual journey connecting yourself to the Self and flexibility will come as part of that process, both physically and mentally"



‘Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be Kind.’




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